MacGyver Bit O' Honey
MacGyver joined our family in October 2016 when he was 6 months old.  By that time he had already lived in 5 different places and 3 different states.  He was a very active but very loving puppy. 
Our 2 year old Scottie, Ebony, was so forlorn after Honey passed in April that we knew she needed a companion... but we also just needed a Westie!
From the very first moment they met they became friends - which is saying a lot for a typically aloof and stubborn Scottie.
After we agreed to adopt MacGyver we found out that he was born a day after Honey died... we think Honey must've whispered in the Creator's ear exactly what kind of dog he should be for us.  As it happens, Ebony was born April 12 (2014) and MacGyver April 11 (2016).  Ebony is raising MacGyver just like Honey raised her and they are so goofy together... rarely have I seen two dogs like each other so much!
We love them both and are SO BLESSED to have MacGyver with us.  He really does have a "Bit O' Honey" in him!