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Prayer Points

  • Fruitful ministry - that many will come to know Jesus as their Saviour and LORD.  That young missionaries will become better equipped to share the Gospel and lead people to faith in Christ and to worship God alone.
  • Health and provision - good physical health and stamina, financial provision for all the missions trips
  • Developing the Member Care ministry at YWAM Minneapolis
  • Good family life with Karl, his family, my family, and our church family
  • New mission partners - would you like to partner in missions with me?  Please follow the information on my newsletters or below this text box and join in the Great Commission
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Dear friend,

One of the many "plus-points" about living again in Minnesota is the
distinct seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Amazingly our
winter lasted until the very end of April when we had a record snowfall
of 17 inches.  Only 10 days later we had green grass sprouting and warmer
temperatures - very clearly Spring had sprung!

The beginning of this year was family focused, with Karl's knee
replacement surgery in early January (which went very smoothly) followed
by a sharp decline in my mother's health.  What we thought was
respiratory problems with mom was diagnosed as non-small cell lung
cancer in an advanced stage.  As a family we rallied around her and took on
her full-time care so she could stay in her little apartment.  Mom passed
from this life to her reward in heaven on February 18th, less than a month
after she was diagnosed.  What a big hole she has left!  But we know that
she is with her Saviour now and rejoicing in His presence.

In April I was away on a mission trip in Mexico with the Thrive women's
ministry when I received a phone call that Karl was taken to the ER with
symptoms of a possible stroke.  After several days in the hospital and a 
myriad of tests the medical staff concluded that he had what is termed a
"TIA", or a temporary stroke.  He has fully recovered and we are very, very

I have several ministry weeks and dates on this side of the ocean now until
September when I am planning, Lord-willing, to fly to Brazil and assist
with the start of a new School of Worship near Curitiba. There are also a 
couple other YWAM schools to teach in, both near and far.  In early 2019
I hope that we'll have a second "Cross Cultural Worship Ministry" seminar,
this time in Europe. I have really longed to see this training develop and
to invest in the present needs of understanding other cultures and to
encourage their own cultural expressions of worship.

Since mom is now fully cared for in heaven, I have been able to add another
day each week to serve at my local YWAM base.  Currently I'm helping to 
set up a new Member Care ministry which combines both Personnel and 
Pastoral Care for our staff.  It's going very well and hopefully the younger 
staff will be able to carry it on their own in the Fall and then I will step back
into a more advisory/resource role.  I also have the privilege of mentoring
a number of our staff and others around the world via video and face-to-

With some quieter months ahead I hope to get back into writing - both 
songwriting and articles and who knows what else may come.  Your prayers
are welcome in this regard!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!

With a grateful heart,


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